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Solar panel specialists in London

A family business you can rely on. We offer the high quality solar panels installed to impeccable standards to all our customers across the London area.

Over 10 years of experience working within the solar panel industry!

Better for our world

Nature Given Energies Ltd is a fast-growing solar panel provider with a wealth of industry knowledge. We specialise in solar power and provide fully renewable energy solutions to construction and commercial properties. Our main aim is to provide safe electrical installations in a knowledgeable, safe, and professional manner, with the care and safety of our customers always in the forefront of our minds.

We will manage all aspects of your project from design and supply through to installation and aftercare. By providing a comprehensive service within one company ensures we can provide maximum value and constantly deliver beyond our clients’ hopes. Get in touch with us today to hear more. 

Solar Panels


Using our high-quality workmanship, we offer a complete service package to both the private and public sector. Our customer list is ever growing, and we are always happy to take on new projects.

Solar Panels

Renewable Energy 

Our mission is to create renewable energy solutions, specialising in solar power, to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and create a better world for everyone. With our extensive range of solar panel products, we are delivering on our mission to make the world greener.

Contact Us

Are you looking for renewable energy specialists in London? Nature Given Energies Ltd is the company for you. We always aim to reply to all email and form enquiries between 24- and 48-hour periods. Please give us a call on the number below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2A Connaught Avenue, Chingford, London, United Kingdom, E4 7AA

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